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Two New Articles Posted

Blog by: David Coulson , CO 1/22/2014

Normally I like to spread out the release of the articles.  However, given I still have three articles in the pipeline, with the promise of another on the way; I decided to post both these articles at the same time.  Plus, these articles are related in that they provide the angler with methods to record their activities and increase future success. 

The first article, Mapping the West,  by Dan Swanson, Colorado Field Editor is a step by step process to turn recordings from your depth finder into topographic maps.  Given the lack of close contour maps for many western waters, this article will prove to be a valuable resource for many boat owners.

The second article, Logbooks and Topographic Maps,  by Shantro Buck provides anglers with reasons to start and maintain a running logbook of their fishing outings.  While keeping a logbook may seem like a lot of work, Shantro shows us that with a little patience, with time, logging your fishing will help you catch fish far more consistently than you ever imagined possible.

Enjoy our recent additions to the articles section.  While not light, easy reading like the recent stories we posted, these two articles offer you tools to increase your efficiency on the water. 

Good fishing.

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Blog Comments
Coyute, 1/22/2014 8:49:11 AM
Thanks Dan and Shantro. Good stuff.