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A New Article is up, Granny's Teeth

Blog by: David Coulson , CO 2/26/2013

It’s been far too long since I’ve announced a new article.  I’ve actually got a couple more in the works that should have been up last summer, but do to personal issues, I dropped the ball.  Then just about the time I got back into the swing of things, a broken leg. 

Since then I’ve been working diligently to get the site back up to “snuff” and to that end I’ve made some great progress, including getting time to once again start adding articles.  Who knows, if things continue I might even write a couple of my own.

Enough, many of you are familiar with the writings of Lloyd Tackitt, Fish Explorer’s very own Texas State Editor.  Lloyd’s blogs are frequently short stories that bring a smile to me and others.  Further, he has published several books, including, “A Distant Eden” and “Adrian's War.”         

His latest article “Granny’s Teeth” is now live on Fish Explorer.  Give it a read, I’m sure you’ll find, as I did, that it’s time well spent.

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Blog Comments
Coyute, 2/27/2013 11:49:26 AM
More Lloyd! More informative and educational articles and less self promotion and self serving articles please! Thanks. :)
David Coulson (Flyrodn), 2/27/2013 12:54:40 PM
I hear you. As to blogs, the content is at the discretion of the blogger/editor, shoot them an email or comment (nicely) as to your pleasure/displeasure on their blogs. As to articles, if they meet our criteria (fairly basic), and are appropriate, I put them up. I have two that I should have gotten up earlier, but I didn't. My error. I also have four "fly-fishing" articles that I can post once I get pictures from the author. The two, a story and on catfishing, will come out in the next couple weeks. But again, I can only post what I receive. Speak to the editors/authors about what you want. It works better than my badgering them for content.
Lloyd Tackitt, 3/2/2013 1:30:19 PM
Thanks! I appreciate the opportunity to inflict my peculiar writing style on anyone that will stand still long enough. I'm not sure whether I have an audience or a test group, but either way, I am proud to be associated with the excellent people on this site - from the administrators to the readers - it's great fun here.