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E-15 Fuel Approved, Boaters Beware

Blog by: Dan Swanson , Colorado 4/4/2012
I warned about this over a year ago.  I hoped it wouldn't happen but the EPA is now allowing up to 15% ethanol additive in gasoline.  It may not be a problem in cars that are only a few years old but outboard motors on boats do have a problem.

From the press release "E15 is not permitted for use in motor vehicles built prior to 2001 model year and in off-road vehicles and equipment such as boats and lawn and garden equipment. Gas pumps dispensing E15 will be clearly labeled so consumers can make the right choice."

Mercury Outboards did testing for the US Department of Energy on the Verado and EFI engines.  2 out of 3 of them failed when tested with E-15.  Damaged valves and bearing failure were the result.  Yamaha   Here is the full report.

So, when you fill up.  Be sure you read the pump label.  If it's E15 buy your gas somewhere else.
Here's a useful site that lists places that currently sell non-ethanol fuel.  It's stored in the bookmarks on my phone.
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Blog Comments
FISHRANGLER, CO   4/4/2012 8:55:29 PM
I thought there was a additive?? Your list only has one location for Denver is this true? Has to be more. I hope so. Help on the additive question please.
FISHRANGLER, CO   4/4/2012 8:58:51 PM
I was told the gas at Cheery Creek did not have e-15 so I have bought it there. Maybe it did, dont know for sure?
TimL, CO   4/5/2012 3:44:42 AM
voids warranty on my newHonda 4 strokes I will start a pueblo search for pure gas these outboards cost too much$$ to leave to chancde thanks for info
dogpaddle, CO   4/5/2012 10:21:23 AM
thanks for the reminder, sure wish more gas stations would sell pure gas.
Desertsky, CO   4/5/2012 12:38:39 PM
Since the USA is such a large market, you would think that the manufacturers would have taken this trend into account by now. Engines can be made to run quite well on E-15. Another reason I am glad I have an I/O!
Dan Swanson (Dan Swanson), CO   4/5/2012 3:07:03 PM
E15 is not yet in the gas stations. This was just a warning to read the label on the pump in the future. Yes, outboard manufacturers will make changes to make it work in their motors in the future. It doesn't help those of us who already own boats. And, even if you have an I/O motor that MAY be compatible with excess ethanol, you need to be aware that ethanol may eat up your fuel tank and fuel lines (depending on what they made of) and it holds water, which can also be a bad thing in a boat. Hopefully, you'll continue to find something other than E15 in a gas station near you in the future.