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Part Two of Ronny Castiglioni's Recipe to Walleye Article

Blog by: David Coulson , Colorado 3/28/2012

Life doesnít always flow smoothly, in fact it has been downright hectic the last few weeks, and I wish I could say fishing was why.  Iíve managed to squeeze in a couple days, like last Sunday at Quincy.  And given my early success this season, itís killing me not to be on the water. Nothing serious, just things like taxes, spending time with family, seminars, tying demos, writing, etc.  After this coming weekend my calendar looks to clear up a bit and I should be able to spend more time on the water.

This weekend will be spent at the Larimer County Fish Expo, where I will be spending most my time manning the Fish Explorer booth. It looks to be a great show, with Chadís casting contest, the seminars, of which Iíll be doing one on fishing from small craft, and much more. Plus, the show is free, so come on by and visit.

Besides not fishing to my heartís content, there have been projects associated with Fish Explorer that I havenít been able to complete.  However, Iím happy to announce that Iíve managed one, the posting of Ronny Castiglioniís, aka RonnyCast, second article, ďAn Early Spring Recipe for Walleye Success in and Out of the Kitchen, Part Two: In the Kitchen Walleye Recipe - Tempura Walleye Rolls.Ē  As issue that I have now rectified. 

If you havenít read Ronnyís first article, ďAn Early Spring Recipe for Walleye Success in and Out of the Kitchen, Part one: The Out of the Kitchen Recipe.Ē  You need to, that is you need to if youíd like to improve your chances for spring walleye.  Once you have read the second article, head to the kitchen and give his Tempura Walleye Rolls recipe a try.  I know I will, presuming I can manage a few walleye first.

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Blog Comments
RonnyCast, CO   3/29/2012 10:34:37 AM
Thanks Dave for getting it up. Those rolls are so tasty, man I made myself hungry with that article. Here walter walter walter.
Coyute, CO   3/29/2012 11:22:09 AM
Looks delicious! Thanks RonnyCast.