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Amy Block
"Reel FisherGirl" - Guest Blogger

"Springtime" Fishing

Guest Blog by: Amy Block , TX 2/13/2012
Hello Texas!

Well, here we are starting the work week off again.  I hope you all had a great weekend and enjoyed some of our beautiful crisp, cool clear weather we had.  I know I sure did!  It’s a great weekend when you can step outside and take a big breath and smell the crisp clean air.  However, of course we find ourselves in the rain today, but I guess that’s why we live in TX!  “Just wait 30 mins. and the weather will change…”

We made a trip out to the Livingston area on Sunday, Kickapoo Creek to be exact to try and catch some Crappie.  With the crazy weather patterns of hot and cooler temperatures we’ve consistently had for the past few months, and the recent rains, I was a tad doubtful they would be in their normal “honey holes”, but the weather was much too beautiful to stay indoors.  Overall, the trip went very well.  We didn’t find too many Crappie, as it was a little too late in the year for them in that particular Creek.  They are usually plentifully found in January – early February, but we did end up catching a lot of really decent sized White Bass, and even some decent sized Yellow Bass.  A neighboring boat did have some luck on the Crappie jigging with silver (similar to foil looking) jigging minnows.  We were catching our White Bass and the occasional Yellow on a 2” Chartreuse and Silver Storm Swim Bait (the water was the color of tea so Chartreuse and Silver worked best) on a very slow retrieve on the bottom (8 – 9’ deep).

We decided to end the afternoon at about 3:30 when some adjourning Anglers pulled up approximately 5 feet from us blaring their Jimmy Buffet boom box, yes folks, a boom box!  Granted I do love Jimmy Buffet, but when I’m on the water I like to hear nothing.  Simply just the sounds of nature:  birds chirping, squirrels running in the trees, and the splashes of neighboring perch on the water.  What a wonderful way to end the weekend.

On another note, for those folks in/surrounding the Houston area the White Bass have been doing really great on Spring Creek.  Jigs, minnows, Storm bait, anything..the Whites are running!

Have a great week!
Amy Block is an avid “fisher girl” on the Gulf Coast. Growing up on the water, her love for fishing originated. Currently, she fishes three – four weekends of the month year-round and assists as a “first mate” with taking guests on trips. Her love for the sport makes for a successful day on the water! “If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there'd be a shortage of fishing poles”. ~Doug Larson
Kickapoo Creek Whites
What a beautiful Sunday in TX!
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