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The mechanics of fishing

Blog by: David Coulson , Colorado 12/7/2011

One of the privileges of being state editor is I get to read all articles first, actually several times. Interestingly, even though Iíve fished all my life, as least as long as I can remember, for all my experience, Iíve yet to read an article that I havenít learned something.  The article I just activated is no exception, actually just the opposite itís exceptional.

Chad LaChance, Fishful Thinker, gives his readers plenty to think about in his latest article on Fish Explorer, ďDifferent Casting Strokes.Ē  Many anglers, myself included, spend a lot of time worry about where to fish, what to use, fish biology . . .   The list is endless.  All the while overlooking what should be obvious to everyone, good casting skills are paramount to success.  Oh, you can catch a few fish without them, but the reality is the better youíre able to deliver your offerings, the better youíll be at catching.

After reading his article, I realized that itís no small coincidence that as my fly casting skills have improved over the years, so has my catch rate. Gives Chadís article on the mechanics of fishing a read, Iíve no doubt youíll find it both an enjoyable and beneficial read.

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Blog Comments
FishSeal, CO   12/7/2011 7:46:04 PM
Awesome article. Just like you said Dave, "exceptional"! FS
culinarypunk, WY   12/7/2011 8:15:26 PM
it is a great read! When my buddy and I went on a guided trip ( last years winter giveaway winner) with him his casting skills where insane!