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Blog by: David Coulson , Colorado 8/17/2011

There are lots of happenings these days, which is, in part, why my blogging has slowed slightly.  Although, if I was to quit fishing (not happening), maybe not go to Rockies games (still fun), not tie flies, . . . You get the idea. But if I quit those things I would have as much to write about. 

Speaking of writing, I just put up a new article, “Capture and Release.” Don’t let the title fool you, as this article is about capturing your catch with a camera before your release (or not).  Al Noraker is an outstanding photographer and outdoor writer.  We are indeed fortunate to have a piece of the caliber on

If you take pictures while fishing, and who doesn’t, I highly recommend you read this one.  It will help you go from taking snapshots, to taking truly stunning images of your fishing adventures.  Enjoy.

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