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Fishing Vacation, 1930
Break from the farm
My grandfather and grandmother raised seven children through the depression, and they did it on a hardscrabble dirt farm. Grandpa was unusual in that he took his family on a two week vacation every year, a fishing vacation. This is what that vacation looked like…
Bass on the Fly 2014 Lake Fork Tournament
The story of two Fish Explorer editors giving it a go
Llyod picked up the fact that the world fly fishing for bass was being held at Lake Fork, Texas. Hearing he was planning on fishing it I gave him a call and asked if he'd like to fish it as a team. He agreed. We did and here's our story.
Specific Fish Holding Spots and Fish as Economists
Knowing fish are economists allows us to pattern their favorite holding spots
Over many years of fishing my favorite river, I've come to realize fish are economists. Knowing that lets me pattern their favorite haunts.
Mapping the West
Creating your own contour maps
Lake contour maps are often difficult to come by for Western waters and those that exist often have wide contours. Creating your own solves both problems.
Gift of a Lifetime
Time reveals the truth on another's words
Sometimes we receive the gift of a lifetime and don't truly appreciate what we got until a lifetime passes.
Safety on the Ice, Lessons from a Survivor
A story and advice about ice fishing safety
This article is about Fish Explorer member Bud Everson, his fishing partner Howie, and an unforgettable trip to the ice at Chatfield Reservoir.
Fishing With Buzzards

Flies, lures, or bait, it really doesn't matter what one uses as long as it catches fish. Some things attract fish better than others and they're worth it no matter the cost.
Granny's Teeth!
Making Grandma Proud
“Grandma needs new teeth.” That’s was all he could think about as he signed up for the bass tournament notice.
The Trip of a Life Time
Fly fishing at Arctic Lodges, Saskatchewan
Over our lives if we're fortunate, we'll fish many places and catch numerous fish. And if we're lucky a few of those adventures will fall into the category of being a trip of a lifetime.
It’s Not How Long Your Rod Is It’s How You Use It!
Reasons for selecting a short rod.
Today, there is a greater selection of rods available to anglers today than ever before. Every company has at least a few dozen, up to dozens of dozens, to choose from. How to pick the right rod for the right applications can be mind boggling. This article discusses the strengths and benefits of short versus long rods.
When a Good Idea Goes Bad
Why you should never take your doll fishing!
Fishing yarns come in all forms, ranging from total truth to not so much. We'll let the reader decide where this delightful tale by Lloyd and Michael falls on the truth scale.
The Overlooked Realistic Crawfish
An A-plus lure anywhere there are crawfish
Crawfish are frequently abundant in bass waters across the country. Joshua shares his tactics on using this oft overlooked lure.
An Early Spring Recipe for Walleye Success in and Out of the Kitchen
Part Two: In the Kitchen Walleye Recipe - Tempura Walleye Rolls
Ronny provides a recipe to use a few of the spring walleyes caught using the techniques presented in part one of this two part series, double recipes for success.
An Early Spring Recipe for Walleye Success in and Out of the Kitchen
Part one: The Out of the Kitchen Recipe
Walleye fishing picks up quickly once the ice comes off. Ronny provides insights on how to be successful catching spring walleye in part one of this series. Part two addresses ways to prepare them once caught.
Steelhead Can Change a Man
One's journey to catch the fish dreams are made of
Twelve years of chasing the elusive steelhead brought out both the worst and best of this fisherman before the dream of landing one was realized.
Early Ice
Safely approaching early and late season ice
Why miss some great fishing waiting for six inches of ice, when properly approached early and late ice can be fished with minimal risk?
Deep Trolling Options
Techniques for getting crankbaits down deep
Whether it's a chilly wintery day or a blistering hot summer day, there are times when getting deep is critical to success.
Different Casting Strokes
Want to catch more fish? Work on your casting mechanics.
Many put a lot of money and effort into their equipment when working on the mechanics of fishing would pay greater dividends. Chad discusses different casting strokes, their application, and suggests ways we can improve this critical skill.
Clouser Minnow
One pattern that fills many boxes
One approach to fly tying is to tie many patterns in order to "match the hatch." Dave shows us how one pattern can match many hatches and fill many fly boxes along the way.
Rigging Your Boat for Tournaments
Preparation can be the difference between a loss or a win
Winning a tournament is more than just catching fish, it is also requires being prepared to deal with all the issues that pop up while on the water.
Trout Ice Fishing Tips
Techniques from years of successful ice fishing for trout.
Shane shares techniques he's used over the years to successfully catch trout through the ice.
Researching New Waters
Part of the fun of exploring new water is the research before heading out.
Many find fishing new waters to be one of the more exciting aspects of fishing. Taking time to do your homework will go a long ways toward making for a successful trip.
Take a Kid Fishing
Make it fun and you'll have a lifetime fishing partner
Taking kids fishing should be first about having fun. While fishing and catching are always important, they should be secondary to having a fun day with the kids.
First Ice Tactics
Early season ice offers great fishing
One of Bernie's favorite times of the year is first ice, In this article he shares tactics for early season success.
The Line on Lines
Line selection for really successful anglers has morphed beyond a mere detail to a fundamental aspect of fishing
Line selection for really successful anglers has morphed beyond a mere detail to a fundamental aspect of fishing. Chad discusses the details of a large assortment of lines in this article, as well as their impact on your fishing presentations.
Evolution Two: Getting off the Bank
Part two of becoming a Bass Pro
In part one of this 3-part series, Chad discussed bank fishing with simple tackle. Moving on up, in part 2 he gets into small boats and more advanced tools and techniques.
Carp on the Fly Part 2
Cloopers, Mudders, and Rooters!
In part two of this fly fishing for carp series, Barry goes into detail discussing some of the easier carp to approach - mudding and rooting fish. Also included: matching the seed hatch for surface cloopers!
Evolution of a Bass Angler: Getting Started
The essentials for bassin' big-time
Whether or not you aspire to become a bass pro, there is a certain process, or evolution of sorts, that takes place once you take up bass fishing...and Chad walks you through it in this first of a three-part series.
Diary of a Professional Walleye Tournament Angler
On the road and water with a Professional Walleye Tournament Angler
In this article, Dan takes you through the ups and downs of fishing a PWT tournament including actual experiences , pertinent thoughts, mistakes, and everything in between from start to finish.
Crankin' Early Springtime Bass
Try throwing that crankbait this spring - you may be the only one doing it
Springtime brings people out of the woodwork to shake off their cabin fever. Troy discusses in this article how to present crankbaits to early season bass for success.
Carp on the Fly
Carp on the fly: presentation, presentation, presentation...
Fly fishing for carp is more than a physical game, it is largely a mind numbing puzzle. Barry Reynolds, one of the leading advocates of this endeavor presents some of the most essential elements of turning your biglip quest into a forearm straining success.
Crankbait Trolling 101
An effective way to catch every species of game fish in Colorado
Trolling is more than just throwing some lines out and putting the boat into gear. Dan steps through the crankbait types, equipment, and methods for successful trolling.
Fly Fishing for Catfish
Understanding our Quarry
A must-read article for all catfish anglers, Dave discusses everything from common catfish misconceptions to the flies he uses to catch them. If you ever fish for cats, or are a fly fisherman looking for a unique new challenge, grab a drink and settle in for a great read...
Spring Walleye
Pre and post-spawn Colorado walleye fishing
When it comes to walleye in the spring, there are three stages pre-spawn, spawn and post-spawn movements. Nate and Stephanie discuss techniques to catch spring walleye in Colorado.
Ice Fishing with Floats
You'll Catch More Fish I Guarantee It!
Frustrated with missing light-biting fish through the ice? Nate and Stephanie go into detail about using floats to improve your hook-set success on hard water for a variety of species, and discuss basic slip-bobber choices and application.
Crappie Fly Fishing with Streamers
In support of the Super Slabs
OK so crappie may not be on your list of gamefish to conquer, but these hardy fish can prove to be a lot of fun, especially on a fly rod. So whistle your favorite family sitcom tune, sling a fly rod over your shoulder, and stroll on down to your waterin' hole for some crappie...

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