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The "Better Gear" Conversation
Someone will begin a conversation about better gear and the conversation always goes to the same place where every single one of the initiators of the conversation gets it all wrong! (01.22.19)
Now I MIGHT be starting an argument here...
I wouldnít normally rub Tom or Dave or Danís nose in it, but there is a fatal flaw or two behind any anglersí determination to measure (or worse, to eat) whatever they catch: (01.11.19)
Body Glove Mariner ISUP Winner
From November 21 - December 31 all conditions reports submitted for lakes and rivers on FishExplorer were entered in a drawing for the Body Glove Mariner ISUP. And today we announce the lucky winner! (01.09.19)
Gill Lice 01.07.19 by B Keefe
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North Platte (Grey Reef) by: lyons1013
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First Ice Tactics
by Bernie Keefe
One of Bernie's favorite times of the year is first ice, In this article he shares tactics for early season success.
by TADA32 - by TADA32 - by sportfisher - Caught on a J-Spec 3" rodmans - by rodmans - by rodmans - by rodmans - by Diesel Catfish - 26 inch trolling with purple and red yozuriby threeqtrirish - View of new dock that will be handicap accessibleby culinarypunk - by culinarypunk - by culinarypunk - by culinarypunk - by culinarypunk - by culinarypunk - by culinarypunk -
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