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If I was allowed only one activity in my life fishing would be my first choice. Each trip out allows me to connect with an ancient part of who I am and brings a comfort not completed by any other activity. Part predator, part warrior and part artist. Some of my fishing challenged co-workers ask me to describe what its like. My best description would be like golfing where you bring home the groceries occationally.This however does not come close to the spirituality and beauty a fisherman feels in the art of their craft. From the beauty of the hand tied fly to the perfect delivery of the bait, each nuance becomes a pure act of art. Ask any fisherman what his most memorable catch was and it will change with the season, weather and mood at the moment. I have many great memories and plan on getting more with time. Philosophical conversations with my grandfather while fishing for bullheads and silent understanding between my father and I while flyfishing. To the realization of the beauty of my own children hooking into their first fish.
Even though the origins to fishing is of a predatory nature there comes a respect for what is provided and a need to protect the future for the rest of humanity to practice civility and instinct in a perfect balance. If the leaders of the world just sat next to each other on a bank and fished, most of the problems of this world could be solved in a couple of hours as they learned to get along and tolerate and help each other. Nothing seems to breakdown barriers between different people like a good day of fishing next to each other.
Anyways, enjoy the sport, enjoy the bounty, share with others and dare to enjoy the company of the friends you have yet to meet on the water.

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