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Introducing the Mann-O-Lure XPTM!

New for 2017 from Mann's is a remodel on a classic jigging lure, the famous

Mann-O-Lure® with a fresh new twist...

The Mann-O-Lure XPTM from Mann's is a "butterfly" style jig and will be available in super hi-gloss chip resistant paint schemes, a UV topcoat, and the option of treble, or assist hook feature. The action on the Mann-O-Lure XP mimics a spiraling, or wounded baitfish when jigged. Free spool it to produce an erratic "wobbling" descent on the drop that is like ringing a dinner bell for finicky salt creatures, or fish it as a standard vertical jigging lure. Available in a multitude popular colors and in (3) sizes, 1 oz., 2 oz. and 4 oz. The Mann-O-Lure XP will be available in fall of 2016. The suggested retail price will range from $7 to $12 For more information, samples, images, or feedback please contact Scott Wall, Mann's Bait Company –, or (334) 306-4701