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10 Things You Should Never Do While Fishing

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10. Not wearing a life preserver while on a boat. Do not just use it as a seat cushion. Accidents happen fast, do not be a statistic.

9. Operating a boat while intoxicated. Leave the beer at home if in a boat.

8. Not bringing a snack and plenty of water. A boat or even the shore gets hot in the summer, so keep hydrated.

7. Not bringing a cell phone or other communication device if you get in trouble. If it might distract you, bring it and shut it off. It’s that easy.

6. Talking loudly around other fisherman. Leave the loud voice for watching football or Monday night wrestling.

5. Leaving litter behind. This is a major pet peeve of most anglers. Pick up and pack out litter, even other people’s litter. Make the area cleaner than when you came.

4. Introducing invasive species.

3. Not cleaning a boat’s exterior or internal water holding areas.

2. Leaving a large wake that hits the shoreline.

1. Fish during a storm front. Sure the fish may bite well before a thunderstorm, but that fishing rod you are swinging around would make a great lightning rod…