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Pro Tips Weekly: Straight Talk Pro Scott Canterbury


Lakes are usually not as crowded because the water gets too cool for some water sports, and a lot of guys give up fishing temporarily for deer hunting. There can be a lull in the fishing between summer and fall, and most people wait until the water reaches a certain temperature. Many times they are missing out on a lot of the action, though, because there’s no set time when the fish are going to be biting.

As daylight time starts getting shorter, bass just seem to know to put on their feedbags and prepare for the oncoming winter months. On most reservoirs the baitfish start migrating to the backs of the creeks when this happens. Pinch points such as bridges or long flat points that reach way out and lead back into major tributaries can be outstanding in the fall as bass make their way back in the creeks.

These types of places can hold many fish at any time, but they also seem to get fished a lot. My personal favorite technique for fall fishing comes after the fish make their initial move to the backs of the creek. I look for one of the major tributaries on the lower half of any lake, and then I try to pinpoint the largest flats in the area. I key on any wood that is located on such flats. The more isolated the wood, the better it is a lot of the times.

My favorite way to fish such cover is with a topwater lure – a buzzbait being my primary choice because I can cover a ton of water and usually get a big bite on it. There are days when the fish aren’t as active and prefer square-bills such as the Aska or the Bling from Jackall. After locating fish in an area and really picking it apart, I’ll go to a 1/2-ounce jig from Dirty Jigs Tackle with a Bruiser Baits Intruder as a trailer.

A ditch is another thing to look for on the flats. Bass use ditches as highways in the fall. If you come across one, work it thoroughly. Pinch points, tributaries, flats, wood cover and ditches – put it all together, and it adds up to great fall fishing.