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Pro Tips Weekly: Walmart Pro Wesley Strader


After catching about 15 or 20 fish, it can be frustrating because the soft-bait keeper on the hook will start to wear out and slide down. To make sure itís going to do what itís supposed to all the time, I doctor it a little before I get out on the water. First, I slide the keeper down the shank and away from the eye about 1/8 inch from its original position. Then I place the hook in a fly-tying vice and use either black or red thread to lash around the base of the keeper. I do this for a couple of reasons: The keeper stays in place, and it lasts a lot longer. Also, when Iím tying a snell knot, itís hard to tie if the keeper is in its original position. Thereís just not enough room. This adjustment only takes about two minutes to take care of a pack of four hooks. Itís not a lot of trouble, but it can save you time and aggravation when youíre fishing.