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Media Can Take Weather for Boaters at No Cos

BoatUS Boat Owners Association of The United States
Iíd like to help you improve your knowledge of weather by extending to you an offer thatís hard to resist: Weather for Boaters, a new online course from the United States Power Squadrons (USPS) and the BoatUS Foundation is available now to qualified media at no cost.

The course is an easy-to-follow boaterís guide to forecasting, winds and storms that will help any boat owner decide when itís time to go out, head back in, or seek cover. Included is an understanding of weather elements such as air masses, fronts and winds, storms, squalls and fog, as well as interpreting cloud formations and wind shifts. It also helps boaters know the early signs of changing weather and how to use a barometer and weather map.

Weather for Boaters is available to you until September 30. Simply go to and enter the promotional code "FREEPRESS"when signing up. The course can be started and stopped at anytime and taken at your own pace.

Enjoy the weekend, and hope the weather is nice for boating-

Scott Croft
BoatUS Public Relations