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Seeking Nominations for 2014 National Fish Habitat Awards

National Fish Habitat Partnership (NFHP)
Up to (2) awards will be presented annually for National Fish Habitat Awards and nominations are solicited from all of the categories listed below. All nominations received will be considered and a panel made up of the NFHP Board and AFS Fish Habitat Section will select the award winner(s).

This following form may be modified by inserting as much text as needed in the appropriate places. Attachments may also be attached. If information is not available for an activity, please leave that line blank.

It is highly recommended that nominations are carefully reviewed following the criteria for the award, which are included with this form and posted online ( before submission. Nominations should be completed while keeping in mind the goals and objectives set forth by the 2nd Edition of the National Fish Habitat Action Plan.

Nominated groups and individuals should be involved in the conservation efforts of the NFHP Fish Habitat Partnerships or AFS.

E-mail nominations for the National Fish Habitat Partnership Award no later than Friday, September 19, 2014 to:

Ryan Roberts
Phone: 202-624-5851