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Drift Gillnet Fishing is Closed

United States Department of the Interior
Subsistence fishing in Subdistricts 4B and 4C is currently closed. Federal regulations allow the use of drift gillnets for the subsistence harvest of Chinook salmon in Federal public waters in Yukon River Subdistricts 4B and 4C from June 10 through July 14. However, due to the poor Chinook salmon outlook, drastic conservation measures will be necessary to meet escapement objectives this season. Subsistence fishermen should not expect opportunities to directly harvest Chinook salmon with any gear type.

At this time no drift gillnet fishing in the Federal public waters of Subdistrict 4B and 4C for Chinook salmon is anticipated for the 2014 season. Additionally, to conserve Chinook salmon that may be caught incidentally, no drift gillnet fishing will be allowed for summer chum salmon utilizing 6-inch or less mesh gear.

Future Subdistrict 4B and 4C subsistence fishing times are subject to change depending upon salmon run strength. Subsistence fishermen should consult both State and Federal regulations or contact an Alaska Department of Fish and Game or U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service office before subsistence fishing.

The 2014 season will undoubtedly be another challenging year for Yukon River fishermen. ADFG and USFWS would like to extend thanks and appreciation to the fishermen of the Yukon River for their continuing efforts to conserve Chinook salmon when these stocks are so weak.