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Boomerang Tool Company and Friends of Reservoirs Launch National Fishing Habitat Program
Jeff Boxrucker, Reservoir Fisheries Habitat Partnership, (405) 659-1797, Michael Gwynn, Boomerang Tool Company, (510) 502-5059,
MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA—Boomerang Tool Company® and the Friends of Reservoirs (FOR) have entered into a strategic partnership to improve fishing across the nation. You can help protect and restore fish habitats in our nation’s reservoir systems with the Friends of Reservoirs non-profit foundation with your purchase of a unique Boomerang SNIP that cleanly cuts mono and braided line quickly and easily. Equipped with an LED light for dusk and night duty and a handy retractable line, these snips are indispensable for any fisherman. The SNIP line cutters with LED Light that will benefit the Friends of Reservoirs non-profit foundation are available in blue or gray.

The special SNIP line-cutter with LED Light that benefits the Fishing Habitat Program is available now at:

Also available at this URL you can get a Friends of Reservoirs discount code to save on future purchases from Boomerang Tool Company. Purchases made with this code will benefit reservoir fish habitat enhancement programs.

Healthy aquatic habitats are essential ecologic and economic components of "quality of life" for the American people. The health of our nation’s reservoirs is threatened by losses of fish habitat, siltation, improper shoreline development, and other stressors. Building new reservoirs is difficult due to economic and environmental issues, so there is a need to protect and restore existing reservoirs so that our grandchildren can enjoy the quality of life that we all want for them.

According to Dan Cornell, co-Founder and President of Boomerang Tool Company, the opportunity to partner with the Friends of Reservoirs foundation was a great way to help with the effort to improve fishing across the country by assisting them with their fundraising. “We are enthusiastic about this opportunity to work with the Friends of Reservoirs to help expand the fish habitat improvement programs. Our unique fishing tools like The Snip, which cuts through braid and monofilament better than anything on the market, will help make fishing better for many across the country. This is an opportunity for Boomerang Tool Company, working with the Friends of Reservoirs foundation and their partners, to make a significant impact on fishing nationwide.”

Jeff Boxrucker, Reservoir Fisheries Habitat Partnership coordinator, said "I'm excited about launching this joint fundraising program with our partners at Boomerang Tool Company. We’ve seen declines in reservoir fish habitats across our country and a need to bring people together to solve these problems. The Friends of Reservoir Foundation welcomes the Boomerang Tool Company as a new business partner in this effort. Through this program, we will generate funds to support fish habitat improvement projects that will improve fish populations, fishing opportunities, and water quality for millions of people nationwide. The Friends of Reservoirs foundation is proud to help with the protection and restoration of fish habitat in our nation’s reservoir systems. In the coming years, I look forward to the expansion of this program for the benefit of the fishing habitats and anglers across the country."

About the Friends of Reservoirs (FOR)

Friends of Reservoirs (FOR) ( is a tax-deductible non-profit foundation dedicated to the protection and restoration of fish habitat in our nation’s reservoir systems. FOR is the funding arm of the Reservoir Fisheries Habitat Partnership and represents a growing coalition of local citizen groups, individuals, businesses, and resource professionals dedicated to improving fish habitat and water quality in reservoirs. Our reservoir fish habitats are in trouble and they need your help. Your purchase will help keep fishing great for future generations of anglers and help maintain the health of these important waters. Funds contributed to FOR are used to support local fish habitat improvement projects in our nation’s reservoirs. If you are interested in getting involved, or wish to make a tax-deductable donation, please visit our website: . Please visit us on Facebook:

About Boomerang Tool Company

Boomerang Tool Company, Inc. is the leading global provider of innovative, high quality, retractable tools to help you save time on the water. Boomerang's tools are ideal for both freshwater and saltwater use, so every angler can enjoy the advantages and conveniences they provide. Equipped with our products, you'll be able to focus on fishing instead of worrying about where your essential tools are. “Always Handy, Never Lost, Smart Tools!” Available products include: The Snip tethered fishing line cutters, The Grip tethered fishing pliers (small, medium, and large), The Swift Cut tethered Utility Knife, and waterproof carrying pouches. Please visit our website: . Please visit us on Facebook:

For the Boomerang Tool Company and Friends of Reservoirs National Fishing Habitat Program questions, assistance, press inquiries, or Boomerang Tool Company business opportunities, please contact: