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O2 Marine Joins Invasive Species Fight
Wildlife Forever press release
Brooklyn Center, MN – O2 Marine, manufacturer of live-well, life-saving devices for fish and bait have joined the Threat Campaign™ partnership in an effort to educate the public on their new product aimed to keep bait alive and invasive species out.

The new Bait Transporter® incorporates pure oxygen generating technology into bait containers designed to never need contact with potentially invasive species infested water. New invasive species laws mandate draining water from all containers and boats coming from lakes and rivers. Anglers concerned about what to do with expensive bait now have a solution to keep their bait alive for days and avoid transporting invasive species. Anglers will still need to drain the water (even though it may not have made contact with lake water) from the transporter prior to leaving the access, or simply leave the Bait Transporter on shore in a waiting vehicle. Providing fresh water from home or the bait shop will satisfy most state regulations. The 12 volt battery operated unit is also AC adaptable.

“Oxygenator™ technology has been used by professional anglers for years. Keeping fish alive and healthy for release after tournaments is critical for our fisheries. The new Bait Transporter™ brings that same technology to saving expensive bait at the same time closing the loop hole on transporting invasive species. Educating anglers about the threats of invasive species is critical and I’m glad Wildlife Forever is out there leading the charge,” said Dennis Clark, CEO of O2 Marine.

View the new Bait Transporter here:

“State agencies can’t stop invasive species alone. It takes conservation partnerships and corporations like O2 Marine willing to step up and become part of the solution in supporting the Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers! Threat Campaign.” said Pat Conzemius, Program Manger of Wildlife Forever.

Wildlife Forever’s mission is to conserve America's wildlife heritage through conservation education, preservation of habitat and management of fish and wildlife. As the nonprofit conservation arm of the North American Hunting Club and North American Fishing Club, Wildlife Forever represents the conservation interests of 1.3 million members.