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The Challenges Collegiate Anglers Face and What it would mean to win the Championship
BoatUS Collegiate Bass Fishing Championship
SAN ANTONIO, TX (May 22, 2017) - Just like the Super Bowl, World Series, Stanley Cup, and the NBA Finals, the BoatUS Collegiate Bass Fishing Championship crowns the best team in the sport. With 200 teams from 95 schools competing, to include 20 of the top ranked teams in the nation. There is no event more prestigious in the collegiate fishing world. Winning this event is not easy, you have to preform at your best and fish a flawless event. In the world of sports, there is no sport more mentally demanding than fishing, simple things like the color of your bait, how heavy a weight to use, or where to fish all weigh on the anglers' minds throughout the event.

One of the other variables that sets tournament fishing apart is that size of the playing field on which the anglers compete, let's compare Pickwick lake at 43,100 acres to other playing fields in professional sports. A NFL Field is 1.32 acres, an NBA Court is .18 acres, the average MLB field is 2.49 acres, and an NHL Rink is .39 acres. Anglers are given four official practice days to break down all 43,100 acres, plus they must factor in weather, current, water temps, and many more unknown factors. The anglers have so many different things to factor in to be able to win the Championship, it shows why you have to be on your A game the whole event.

We recently asked six teams what it would mean for them to win. The list included past champions, a team that narrowly missed taking home the trophy last season, the team coming off a recent victory at the Texas Collegiate Challenge, current number one ranked team in the nation, as well as the local hometown favorites.