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Big Bite Baits on Board for the 2017 Cabela's Collegiate Bass Fishing Series
SAN ANTONIO, TX (February 17, 2017) - The Association of Collegiate Anglers has announced that Big Bite Baits will continue to support collegiate anglers and the 2017 Cabela's Collegiate Bass Fishing Series. Collegiate anglers have come to know and love Big Bite Baits as a sponsor through Big Bite Baits' collegiate purchase program and prize support of ACA sanctioned events across the nation.

Big Bite Baits has produced tournament winning soft plastic lures, designed by an elite group of professional anglers since the creation of the company. From finesse baits, like the Swimming Mama, to the newest Big Bite Battle Bug, Big Bite Baits has something for every situation. Anglers such as Jeff Kriet, Dean Rojas, Mike McClelland, Michael Neal and Russ Lane have all helped develop products that are "Designed to bring the Big Bite to your line."

According to Wade Middleton, Director of the Association of Collegiate Anglers and President of CarecoTV, "We are pleased to have Big Bite Baits' continued support of collegiate anglers across the nation. They've created a tremendous discount program that has and will continue to allow collegiate anglers to purchase their favorite baits at a significant discount. This program, like many others in college fishing, has allowed us to continue to reward students anglers."