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Jimmy Jacobs Releases Book on Brook Trout in Dixie
Fresh off of the press is Jimmy Jacob's new book, Brook Trout in Dixie: Jewels of the Southern Appalachians. Fully color photography illustrated, this 104-page, perfect bond book gives what is to date the most comprehensive look at the lore and history of the only trout native to the Southern Appalachian Mountains. Tales of angling for the fish from the Shenandoah Mountains of Virginia to the highlands of North Georgia. As Jacobs aptly describes the "Jewels of the Southern Appalachians", he shares his unequaled knowledge and passion for these colorful member of the char family.

It is more than fitting that Jacobs be the first to devote a book to the Dixie's little speckled trout. He has been fishing the Southern Appalachian Mountains for more than four decades. He is also the author of Trout Fishing in North Georgia, Trout Streams of Southern Appalachia, and Tailwater Trout in the South. Another of Jacob's venture of late is being the editor of Southern Saltwater Fishing Fishing Magazine that premiers in a few weeks.

This is a great, five-star book that has already pushed aside another book on the top shelf of my southern trout and fly fishing book shelf. If you have any passion whatsoever for the brook trout of the Southern Appalachians, this is a must have/must read title.

Autographed copies of Brook Trout in Dixie: Jewels of the Southern Appalachians are available directly from the author at his online bookstore at Jacobs will also be at the Atlanta Fly Fishing Show this weekend signing copies of Brook Trout in Dixie: Jewels of the Southern Appalachian.