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Texas Lakes/Rivers That Need Updating

To help out as a Skipper on any lake or river in the state, simply go to this general form...

What is a Skipper? Read this...
Lakes Needing Updated Reports:
These lakes need help! If you have any updated information on the lakes below, click on a lake name to share a report...
1. Lake Jacksonville
2. Medina Lake
3. Lake Mineral Wells
4. Squaw Creek Reservoir
5. Lake Corpus Christi
6. Lake Holbrook
7. Lake Worth
8. Benbrook Lake
9. Lake Arlington
10. Mackenzie Reservoir
11. Walter E. Long Lake (Decker)
12. Fairfield Lake
13. Aquilla Lake
14. Fayette Co. Lake
15. Lake Houston
16. Lake Meredith
17. Calaveras Lake
18. Braunig Lake
19. Granger Lake
20. Falcon Reservoir
Lakes Needing Skippers:
If you fish any of these lakes, or live close and can help keep conditions updated for them on a regular basis, consider becoming a Skipper - click on the lake name to go to the form...

1. Calaveras Lake
2. Lake Fork Reservoir
3. Caddo Lake
4. Lake Palestine
5. Richland Chambers Reservoir
6. Lake Buchanan
7. Choke Canyon Reservoir
8. Lake Conroe
9. Lake Lavon
10. Possum Kingdom Lake
11. Lake Lewisville
12. Lake Granbury
13. Lake Bridgeport
14. Lake Meredith
15. Lake Texana
16. Lake Limestone
17. Lake Corpus Christi
18. Medina Lake
19. Canyon Lake
20. Lake Casa Blanca
21. Pat Mayse Lake
22. Proctor Lake
23. Red Bluff Reservoir
24. Braunig Lake
25. Walter E. Long Lake (Decker)
26. Wichita Reservoir
27. Lake Arlington
28. Bardwell Lake
29. Benbrook Lake
30. Lake Brownwood
31. Cedar Creek Reservoir
32. Cooper Lake
33. Fort Phantom Hill Lake
34. Graham Lake
35. Millers Creek Reservoir
36. Lake Nasworthy
37. Palo Pinto Reservoir
38. Wright Patman Lake
39. Mackenzie Reservoir
40. Lake Coleman
41. Fairfield Lake
42. Lake Striker
43. Lake Georgetown
44. White Rock Lake
45. Palo Duro Reservoir
46. Kickapoo Reservoir
47. Lake Kemp
48. Lake Jacksonville
49. Lake Mineral Wells
50. McClellan Reservoir