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Poaching Leads to Sturgeon Closure on Oregon's Gilbert River
posted 5/1/2017 by culinarypunk
 5.1.17 8:53 AM487 / 0
Great visit to TX
posted 4/26/2017 by anglerwannabe
Largemouth Bass4.27.17 10:27 AM651 / 2
Face shield cover questions
posted 4/26/2017 by culinarypunk
 4.27.17 8:04 AM455 / 1
Tagging Our Catch
posted 4/18/2017 by Lloyd Tackitt
BLOG4.26.17 7:43 AM2609
TX Bassin with in line spinners - video
posted 4/22/2017 by anglerwannabe
 4.24.17 7:52 AM509 / 3
A fishing adventure
posted 4/19/2017 by Dave Mauldin
BLOG4.22.17 6:29 AM2804
Nice bass navarro
Has photosposted 4/17/2017 by anglerwannabe
Navarro Mills Lake
4.21.17 11:47 PM595 / 6
BUSTED: Texas Wardens Bust Illegal Seafood Network
posted 4/20/2017 by culinarypunk
 4.20.17 10:33 AM471 / 1
A Superb Moment
posted 4/18/2017 by Lloyd Tackitt
BLOG4.18.17 2:11 PM2456
Consider Water
posted 4/17/2017 by Lloyd Tackitt
BLOG4.18.17 7:59 AM3542
What are the bass doing in Texas now? In April?
posted 4/16/2017 by Dave Mauldin
BLOG4.17.17 6:19 AM1876
More On Choosing Where To Fish
posted 4/14/2017 by Lloyd Tackitt
BLOG4.16.17 6:00 PM3581
posted 4/10/2017 by Lloyd Tackitt
BLOG4.13.17 1:37 PM2834
Choosing Where To Fish
posted 4/13/2017 by Lloyd Tackitt
BLOG4.13.17 11:58 AM3516
Fishing and Self-Identity
posted 4/6/2017 by Lloyd Tackitt
BLOG4.11.17 9:35 AM3759
How did you hear about FxR?
posted 4/5/2017 by Dale Daugherty
BLOG4.11.17 9:21 AM3140
What fishing pranks do you and your buddies pull on each other?
posted 4/5/2017 by Dale Daugherty
BLOG4.8.17 9:57 AM3405
General Tire Launches "Reel Job" Sweepstakes
posted 4/6/2017 by culinarypunk
 4.6.17 10:17 AM428 / 0
Moon Phases - fishing
posted 4/1/2017 by Dave Mauldin
BLOG4.4.17 10:49 AM3247
An Experiment - Do Tidal Pulls Influence Fresh Water Fishing?
posted 3/20/2017 by Lloyd Tackitt
BLOG4.3.17 1:26 PM3103