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3 Big Baits Help

Post By: randyspringer      Posted: 12/14/2020 10:18:44 PM     Points: 20    
For people who fish big baits year around what would be the 3 big bass baits "swimbaits or similar baits" I know anything can catch a big bass but talking about other things besides dropshots/spinnerbaits.
Looking probably for 3 baits that would cover the top middle and bottom and nothing to expensive list them if you like because maybe it will be something I can work up to.

Post spawn-

This is a new world for me and I only know the very basics of Swimbaits like s-wavers,hud etc so I appreciate anyone that takes the time to help me if you don't want to share on this post you can PM me.
 Reply by: anglerwannabe      Posted: 2/24/2021 5:47:47 PM     Points: 73044
Hi Randy - there is no PM function on this forum.

Not necessarily big but the ZOOM Horney Toad has been very effective for me in TX lakes. I can fish as designed for top water.. but my best success has been using it on a weighted hook and dropping it to the bottom and then depending on time of year, bouncing it fairly vigorously.. or slowly drag it across the bottom.

I did see you specifically ask for swim baits... I just don't use a whole bunch swim baits but have had reasonable success with some of the Savage Gear 6" baits
 Reply by: Sean D      Posted: 3/1/2021 12:11:13 PM     Points: 1209
Top or near surface - Depends on the type.
There's glide baits. On the cheaper end are the S-Waver 168 and 200, Baitsanity Antidote and explorer.
There's wake baits. Some of the best are things like the Triton baits Bull Wake, Spro BBZ Rat, Bull Rat

For middle of the column, you can divide it into hard and soft baits.
Hard baits - bull shad, bull shad 4x4, Spro BBZ Trout
Soft baits - Optimum boom boom swimbaits (weedless or line through), Trash fish, Keitechs, Osprey talons, Megabass Magdraft

For the bottom there's only a couple. Huddlestons (68 and 8" ROF12s), Hudd Gills, Mattlures Hammertail gill and shad, and I believe savage gear makes a good Hudd style bait to crawl on bottom.

Hudds and those type are best in early spring or late fall/winter.
the topwaters are good for post spawn through fall.
Soft baits are good all year, though which one will vary by water temperature and depth.
Bull Shads are great in post spawn and summer into early fall when you can burn them as fast as you possibly can.
Best bet is to watch the tactical bassin' guys on youtube. They probably have more invested in swimbaits than my boat costs.