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Best Fillet Knife for Fish

Post By: bigtee      Posted: 12/8/2020 8:55:52 PM     Points: 10    
I'm on the search for a good quality fillet knife. I've used bubba, Rapala, bass pro brand, aftco, dexter, and pretty much every other name brand knife and in my opinion none of them are very good quality. They're all made from German steel or stainless steel and have to be sharpened it seems like every trip we go on.

A chef friend of mine told me about VG 10 filet knives and said they have the corrosion resistance of stainless steel but hold a much sharper edge for longer. I ended up buying a VG 10 fillet knife from outrigger outdoors to try out because it wasn't priced bad at all, but I'd like to hear some other opinion on good quality fillet knives.

Here is the article that turned me onto the outrigger knife. It does a pretty good job at talking about the details of what to look for in a fillet knife and it all makes sense to me [log in for link]

Does anyone else have a recommendation for a fillet knife that's out of the standard fillet knives that you always hear about?