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Tandem Fishing Kayak

Post By: Timothy W. Pothier      Posted: 3/14/2017 5:55:33 AM     Points: 5    
I'm a fisherman. I searching a tandem fishing kayak. Now I'm using Malibu Two XL Angler. But I want more best. I found a nice list of the tandem fishing kayaks. Can you tell me which is best?
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 Reply by: Lloyd Tackitt      Posted: 3/14/2017 6:26:07 AM     Points: 18748    
I hope someone gives you a solid answer. All I can say is that I have a kayak that I occasionally use to get from wading spot to wading spot. I'm not super fond of trying to fish out of them because they are always rotating around.
 Reply by: Freestone303      Posted: 3/15/2017 4:38:16 PM     Points: 454    
I cant say what is “The Best” but I have a Jackson Big Tuna and love it. I wouldn't get any of the ones in that link personally. For the price of a Hobie you can buy a boat. The rest do not look comfortable or appealing.

Why I went with the Big Tuna:
Seating options are great, you can face each other or both face forward. Or if you wanted both could face away from each other.
It works great as a solo boat. I use mine in the solo configuration most of the time.
It is super stable. I can move around a bit while standing up in solo mode.
Its a dry ride being a SOT with elevated seats.
Tuna Tank - it has a livewell, cooler or storage area in front of the front seat. I fill it with bags of soft plastics during tournaments or insert the cooler if I want to keep a fish or two.
Lots of storage for a crate in the solo configuration. I take 5 3700 boxes and a bunch of other crap, plus 5 or 6 rods.
Built in Ram mounts for the screw balls.
Nice gunnels to add track to.

I didnt go with the Native Watercraft Ultimate Tandem, even though I found great deals, because if that kayak turtles, it is pretty tough to right and get back in when in deep water. Living in Colorado, our water stays cold most of the year and would not want to risk hypothermia. With our waters just now getting into the 40s in lower elevations, it would be deadly to get stuck in the water for too long.