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Lake: Lake Worth
Fish: Largemouth Bass

Lake Worth 1st time

Post By: Attila64      Posted: 5/20/2014 7:13:38 PM     Points: 1926    
Tomorrow Wednesday 5/21 my youngest daughter a good family friend and I will be doing a couple firsts ever. We are heading to Lake Worth which we have never been on and try to go straight bass fishing. It's been about 25 years since I last tried bass fishing and I was not good at it then but I have decided to go ahead and do it. After all I was young, had the patience of gnat back then and was prone to changing up tactics every other cast.

Tomorrow I plan on deviating from the plan by primarily touring the lake, gaze at the gators and make as many bass laugh at me as possible. But you know what they say. Sometimes even a blind squirrel finds a nut?

Well wish us well and will share after how the day went. Any advise please share, our goal is a good time. Will be trying a batch of soft plastics. Frogs, Lizards and crawdads. But refuse to limit our creativity once on the lake. If they bite pork rinds then who knows we may have to get 2 bags to go next time.
 Reply by: Dave Mauldin      Posted: 5/20/2014 7:40:40 PM     Points: 600    
Lake Worth is not the best bass factory in the state, but suggest you fish small soft plastic worms, sinkos, etc texas rigged, very shallow, with light worm weights.
Cast them up to the bank and gently, very gently swim them back into deeper water, bumping the bottom. That's what the fish seem to want on this type of lake now.
let us know! Small squarebill crank baits would be next choice.
just in the last few weeks, I have discovered a small worm that works fantastically. The Grande Bass rattlesnake, Experiment with the size, but I would recommend the 3.75-4 inch size for your lake this time of year.
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 Reply by: Lloyd Tackitt      Posted: 5/21/2014 1:25:25 PM     Points: 18748    
I'd go with Dave's advice, he knows his stuff! Really looking forward to hearing how the trip went - and what's that about gators?
 Reply by: Attila64      Posted: 5/21/2014 6:56:51 PM     Points: 1926    
Had a blast, I did get some hits on a Texas rigged Lizard but didn't get a good hook set. I didn't have any worms yet so tried the lizard fished the way Dave suggested to fish the worm. Hits were coming from 2-3 foot depths. These were the only hits on plastics and may have been bluegill or junior bass for all I could tell. I didn't use the fish finder cause of how shallow a lake it is had the GPS on the whole time keeping an eye on the depth. The crawdads with a jig were fun to throw but will need some practice with presentation. Just have a gut feeling it's not acting the way I want it to so maybe I was changing the retrieve each time. Frog was enjoyable to watch and if I had been a bass would have gone for it during the pauses. Tried to mimic the way I have seen frogs. Only drawback was the frog would start to spin if drawn back all at one time. Could get about 3 cranks before it would spin so used a three crank let sink about a foot then repeat.

The two fish we did catch were a white bass and small channel cat. Both caught on square billed plugs while trolling back to ramp area.

As for the gators, we didn't see any. We tried to head up to north end where they are reported to hang out. About halfway up to them we dropped trolling motor and lifted the outboard. We almost hit a boulder that we did not see until 5 feet from it only because the waves trough showed it to us. We decided to turn around at this point. Laughing that we may need to walk the boat out in gator territory. Now that would have been a real hold my beer and watch this moment we opted not to try.

Dave thank you for the pointers I will be trying the rattle snake worms you mentioned back on Eagle Mountain Lake.

Also let me warn everyone, it turns out there is a launching fee for the boat ramps. If it is on one of their signs me and Glenn missed it. We did read all about zebra mussels and draining live well info and the do not eat these fish advisories but no mention of a parking fee. If it had been clearly marked we would have been more than happy to have paid for it 5$ for 7 days or 15 for the year. So we ended up with a ticket. We went over to the daiquiri shop at casino beach to get a permit then headed downtown to the court house and explained the situation to the judge and had the ticket annulled.

I somehow feel this may be a trap. You go to a daiquiri shop to get a permit to launch a motor boat onto a lake where it is also listed on the sign no alcohol allowed on the lake. Seems we have a conflict of interest here if you ask me.

Have not given up on the pursuit on the bass I can see this becoming a regular day of play and both Glenn and I are already planning on new tackle boxes full of plastics in the near future.