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Lake: Lake Livingston

lake livingston

Post By: rebelsportsmanl      Posted: 3/19/2013 9:48:42 AM     Points: 1030    
i finally made it to the lake. the river was a little muddy when we drove over it, but the lake looks pretty good. i will be out after some catfish and sandbass this afternoon. the lake is full.
 Reply by: rebelsportsmanl      Posted: 3/19/2013 9:37:21 PM     Points: 1030
we caught some bluecats and a nice drum at bulkheads today. shad were easy to catch near a bridge.
 Reply by: rebelsportsmanl      Posted: 3/21/2013 10:33:31 PM     Points: 1030
today we fished both sides of the hwy 19 bridge at trinity. there were plenty of large sandbass both ways. my wife did most of the catching today.
 Reply by: Lloyd Tackitt      Posted: 3/23/2013 3:19:52 PM     Points: 18748
Great Report! It's particularly good when someone you love outfishes you. Why is it that we would rather see a friend or loved one have a great fishing day than to have one ourselves? It may be the nature of fishermen to be un-selfish - I don't recall meeting very many selfish people holding a fishing pole. Thanks for sharing the info!
 Reply by: rebelsportsmanl      Posted: 3/28/2013 2:57:17 PM     Points: 1030
one thing i forgot to post is, i saw a guy using bomber hard plastic baits catching a lot of sandbass up the creek. i was surprised to see them hitting the larger lures.
 Reply by: rebelsportsmanl      Posted: 4/3/2013 7:17:46 PM     Points: 1030
we are heading back to lake livingston in the morning. with all the rain it should make for some really good catfishing this next week.
 Reply by: rebelsportsmanl      Posted: 4/6/2013 10:05:23 PM     Points: 1030
lake livingston was good today. the water is muddy, but the fish will bite. here is a picture of the flathead my wife caught today on shad. it is a 26# 8oz flathead caught on 14# test line.