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Lake: Cooper Lake
Fish: Black Crappie

New Member

Post By: Scirocco      Posted: 4/15/2012 4:02:14 PM     Points: 30    
Hiya Gang! Just checking in to say hello and info on more lakes and fish that I like to catch. Mainly Crappie, but I like Sandbass and stripers at Cooper, i go to Lake Ray Roberts and Lake Mineral Wells State park as well. I would like updates for Mineral wells crappie because theres no lake report for that park, I have to rly on word of mouth and fishermen and Ladies for info Ive been fishing Mineral wells for 8 Years but havent been in a couple years and as you know they change spawning areas with the lakes rising and! Low waterl levels too!

Best Regards
Robert From Fort Worth,Texas
 Reply by: Lloyd Tackitt      Posted: 4/15/2012 4:55:04 PM     Points: 18748
Welcome Robert! Hopefully there will be some updates as you help to generate interest in the lake.