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Fish: Channel Catfish

City Of Canyon City Parks??

Post By: EOrf      Posted: 4/12/2012 8:47:09 PM     Points: 2482    
Got a FB Message from An Ex Girls Lil Bro,he lives in Canyon And was asking me about catching cats and whats good to use there or close to this area,I live in OKC,He was saying SOuthWest Ponds or SouthWest something so maybe someone could help this dude out. Thanks a million
 Reply by: Lloyd Tackitt      Posted: 4/13/2012 6:39:44 AM     Points: 18748    
Catfishing techniques are pretty much the same anywhere you go. There are two excellent articles on fly fishing for catfish on this site. Go to articles and scroll down and there you'll find them. Do you happen to know if he is fly fishing or bait fishing? While I personally prefer to fly fish for them, to consistently catch catfish I would recommend bait fishing. The best time to fish for them is at night, but they can be caught at high noon also. There are a zillion types of commercial catfish baits. One of the old standby's is raw liver. Crawfish work great too. Put your bait on a small treble hook with a bead tied on the line about a foot up from the hook. Put a sliding sinker on the line above the bead, the bead is there to keep the lead weight from getting stuck on the hook. You want the weight to be free so that when a catfish takes off with the bait it doesn't feel any resistance.. Cast out and let it settle on the bottom, then put the rod in a forked stick, make sure the bail is open on spinning reels or the free spool button is in on baitcasting reels. Watch the line and when it takes off, close the bail or engage the bait casting reel and set the hook. I used to set out three rods, cast in a fan pattern. It gets fun when you get more than one on at a time.
 Reply by: EOrf      Posted: 4/13/2012 8:36:42 AM     Points: 2482    
Good technique,any information on the city park ponds there in Canyon? ?
 Reply by: Lloyd Tackitt      Posted: 4/13/2012 10:08:32 AM     Points: 18748    
Not a lot of information. Just that there is a six acre lake regulated by the state. Here's a link to what I found, you might call the park manager that's listed for details: [log in for link] Would love to hear back how he fared.