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Lake: Lake Worth
Fish: Smallmouth Buffalo

Anyone targeting?

Post By: Texas Carper      Posted: 7/17/2011 5:05:35 PM     Points: 8    
I'm curious to know if anyone has been fishing for buffalo and having any luck.And if so what weight range are the catches in.
 Reply by: Squaw creek guide      Posted: 7/17/2011 5:09:03 PM     Points: 592    
I only fish for bass, however there are always guy's catching and bow fishing for them at worth they always seems to pile em up at the boat ramp. Some big carp in the river right now!
 Reply by: Texas Carper      Posted: 7/17/2011 5:18:37 PM     Points: 8    
Not big on bow fishing at all as I'm a catch and release angler.I target carp and buffs for the sport.Others can't catch if you kill what you fish for.But I thank you for the information.