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Gray Redhorse
The Gray Redhorse is found in Gulf Coastal drainages of central and west Texas as far south as the Rio Soto la Marina in Mexico and the Rio Grande tributaries in New Mexico. Currently it is a species of concern in New Mexico, although populations appear to be stable in Texas.  This moderate sized redhorse (to 20 inches) prefers clear to moderately turbid, warm, slow moving streams.  Adults typically occupy pools or deep runs. The younger fish seek rifles and gravelly runs avoiding densely vegetated areas.
These fish are cylindrically shaped with a typical inferior sucker style mouth.  Gray Redhorse is a grayish to brownish color along the back, changing to olives or yellowish side and a whitish bell. The lower fins are occasionally red tinged and the dorsal fins are streaked with black. Redhorse are known to live five years or more.
The gray redhorse spawns in early spring when water temperatures approach 70 degrees Fahrenheit.   They spawn over clean gravel/pebble/cobble at pool tail outs. Eggs are broadcast and settle down among the spaces in the substrate. 
Their diet consists primarily of aquatic insects, mollusks, and crustaceans. They consume very little vegetation.

Gray Redhorse in Texas

Found in streams on the Edwards Plateau including the Brazos, Colorado, Guadalupe, San Antonio, Nueces and Rio Grande Rivers.

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