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Jim McFarland
Born in Nurnberg Germany I am the definition of a military brat. Dad did 27 years in the Army and I followed that with 22 years in the AF. As you may surmise we moved very frequently, mostly from Germany to Texas, with pit stops in Maryland and Kansas among others. As a boy I had a childhood that I could not offer my own sons. My grandparents leased a small 120 acre ranch outside of Brownwood, TX. It had plenty of great hunting as well as two small ponds right up from the Pecan Bayou. These ponds were stocked with bass, catfish and bluegill and since we were the only ones that fished it, the fishing was good.
Cannot recall at what point in my life Dad started taking me with him on his outdoor trips, but very young indeed. We were very different people, but on those outings we shared a common bond and it is where my love of the outdoors comes from. As a young man the Air Force stationed me here in CO. A place that was always magical in my mind, probably from reading too many Outdoor Life magazines and Louis L’Amour novels. Once here, my love for CO just grew. My first elk lives in me as if it were yesterday, as well as the first high mountain camping trip. This state still feels magical to me. Sunrise at 11 Mile, Spinney, Blue Mesa or any of the innumerable places here always leaves me breathless. Being on a float tube, the sun just peeking above the mountains with the mist coming off the water and a good fish on will do that to you.
Have met many of the Fish Explorer community and you folks are awesome. It is impressive how many members do volunteer work not to mention how much knowledge you impart with. If you ever see me, please say hello and ask about getting a float tube for Christmas and then having to eat crow and apologize to my wife. My wife not only supports but fuels my fishing and outdoor addiction.

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