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Matt is an avid fly fisherman who's turned his love for noodle lines and feathers to warmwater species on lakes throughout the state. He's a lover of toothy creatures like muskie and pike, as well as the underdog carp, and the ferocious wiper. Having landed numerous warmwater species Colorado has to offer on the fly, Matt has been through the ringer learning much of his technique through trial and error. He hopes his lessons learned will prove valuable to those wanting to learn and to launch new ideas from those also pursuing the sport. Matt may not to have perfected fly fishing for these fish, but instead he's perfected the persistence to catch these fish on the fly. Oh, and he still gets out on the rivers now and again too, but prefers to go after big fish in lakes most of the time. Now including ice fishing! Who would've thought. Matt tries to carve out 2 weeks each summer to spend in Ontario chasing big muskie on both fly and conventional tackle.

Matt started from scratch with his friend Brian in 2006. A new (used) Boston Whaler and a yearning for wiper and tiger muskie inspired the idea. Not able to find a list of lakes where he was allowed to take his boat, nor a list of lakes that were stocked with these species, combined with the emergence of the Google Maps API and arriving at lakes too low to launch his boat, the shape of the website took form. It launched in April 2006, without much fanfare, and has grown considerably since. What he thought would be helpful to a few folks and himself, turned out to be a resource many were looking for. He has spent nearly every waking hour since either developing, thinking about it, or going on fishing excursions to "work on it."

Matt is a web developer by trade and enjoys numerous other activities besides fishing all the time... including music, sports and fly tying. Matt grew up in the great town of Toledo, OH and then went to college at Cornell University in New York where he majored in something other than fishing and web development, but mostly just fished a lot and played some football and a lot of baseball. After spending a year post-graduation at Orvis in Jackson, WY, Matt and his wife Amy moved to Fort Collins where they've lived since 1996, now with one of the greatest fishing dogs ever named Bailey, her new pup-buddy Banjo, two cats that pay no attention to Matt, and last but not least, two wonderful children: a 20 year-old son currently at Colorado State University and 17 year-old daughter in the early stages of high school. Time flies. Better go fishing!

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