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Hi everyone! I'm originally from Sioux Falls, SD where I spent the first 26 years of my life. That's where I learned to fish, with my old man. We're both bass fisherman at heart, whether it's soft plastics being tossed under boat docks or around structure, or chucking spinner baits and cranks, we were after bass or the occasional pike. No issue with catching walleyes, as long as there was no needing to mess with live bait.
Fast forward a few years, and after having married a Colorado native, I now find myself down in Denver, fishing for trout. I'm a spin fisherman at heart for sure, but I'm trying my best to get more experienced with fly fishing.
I'm always looking for new info, and looking to share info with whoever's around, so if you happen to recognize me either at the Dream Stream, or somewhere else around the Platte river area, feel free to flag me down and I'll let you know what's been working that day.
Tight lines, and see you all on the water!

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