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Texas Fishing Clubs: Quality Bass Club

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Quality Bass Club

Here's a little information about our club.

* B.A.S.S. affiliated (membership required)
* Membership dues are $5 to club, $30 to National Federation and $30 to State for a total of $65.00 (plus B.A.S.S. dues)
* $40.00 tournament entry fees - $30 goes towards heavy stringer (50-30-20 payback after $10.00 goes to the club) and $5 big bass pot with 100% payback
* Payouts can run as high as $150
* Relatively small Bass Club - approximately 30 members
* Monthly tournaments within a 200 mile radius of San Antonio
* Meetings held at 7:00pm the first Tuesday of each month in Northeast San Antonio (Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World upstairs in conference room), tournament normally the second following weekend
* Usually one draw (paper) tournament a year
* Fish from your own boat with a family member, friend, or other club member or "hook up" with a club boater
* Active in conservation and kid's fishing events
* Annual fundraiser
* Previously Headquarters of Bass Warriors - Fishing for Freedom events
* Currently co-host, co-sponsor, and active volunteer supporter of Catch a Special Thrill (CAST) for Kids events.
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