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Texas Fishing Clubs: Texas Poormans

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Texas Poormans

Contact: Charlie Harding (Rangerman)
Phone: Cell - 903-576-6102
We were formed in 2004 and are based out of the Dallas Texas area, but we have members as far as Shreveport, Temple and Fort Worth. EVERYONE is welcome!! Membership for each is only $25 per year and anyone can join at sign up before any tournament. 100% of all membership fees go to the end of the year Classic tournament!! 100% of all entry fees are paid back at each tournament, meaning, there is no money kept, EVERYTHING is paid back to the fishermen at every single tournament!! That's pretty unique for a club that has open enrollment and makes for better payouts. There is also an optional 7lb pot which grows from tournament to tournament until broken. There are no monthly meetings, no points, no angler of the year standings, etc. Essentially, it's the perfect combination of an open team circuit mixed with a club atmosphere. We do track yearly stats for classic qualified members, just for fun.