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Collins Illich
"Collins" - Guest Blogger

Learning New Tricks

Guest Blog by: Collins Illich 5/8/2011
For those of you who do not know me, my background is fly fishing.  I grew up fly fishing and have worked in the fly fishing industry for 15 years.  I love it.  But in the last few years have strayed into what fly fishers call the dark side.  I have been throwing hardware on baitcasters full time and am loving it.  The other day I told my beautiful wife that it was like cheating on my girlfriend.  It is so wrong but on the water it feels just right.  

The point is that I am still learning.  With friends guiding on lakes all over the state I have learned a lot and am constantly reminded how much anglers can learn if they want.  My fishing buddies love to point out how much I don't know.  

Anyway when Tim invited me fishing and told me we were drop shotting I totally misunderstood him.  We were pitching heavy drop shot rigs on 7'6" medium heavy rods into thick nasty cover. Tim called it right.  We stuck 16 fish before the storms blew us off the water around lunch.

I broke off a fish I could not even get to the surface on 20 pound floro.  

It was an education and a reminder to me and hopefully us all that there are always new and old ways to fish that we can either learn or remember.  

It really made me think about how complex fishing has become.  My goal for this week is to take a couple of in-line spinners, maybe a Rooster tail with a spinning rod and head to the lake. Just like I did 20 years ago.  With success.  I can't imagine the fish have changed that much.  

Collins Illich grew up in Dallas, TX and just like you, he loves to fish. He has been a professional fishing guide in Colorado, Alaska, Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico along with hosting clients in South America, Africa, Asia and Central America. After his son was born, he decided to settle back down in Dallas to fish the bass lakes he grew up fishing. He regularly fishes Sam Rayburn, Toledo Bend, Ray Roberts, White Rock, Lewisville, Tawakoni, Texoma and a few smaller ponds around Dallas totaling over 100 days a year on the water.
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