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2023 FishExplorer Winter Giveaway Winners!

Blog by: Matt Snider , CO 1/5/2024
Part of Series: Winter Giveaway
Another year has passed, and the Winter Giveaway has come to an end!  I hope you have started off 2024 on the right foot with some good fishing! 

The randomly selected winners of prizes in the 2023 FishExplorer Winter Giveaway are listed below by nickname in alphabetical order.  An email will be sent to all today, so if you're on the list please be on the lookout for it! If you won but don't see an email by later this morning from me, please message me from my bio page using the Contact Matt link at top (must be logged in).

I want to thank all of you who have contributed recently with lake and river updates or supported FishExplorer in any way. I say this often but I don't mean it lightly. 

If you won, congrats!  If not, there's always next time... we'll get it going again in November!  Keep those reports and photos coming!

Here are the winners of prizes in the 2024 FishExplorer Winter Giveaway:
  • 10klakes
  • Al B
  • alanlf5280
  • Assassin
  • Banzai Jimmy
  • BDF_Beats_GDW
  • BuffsnRox
  • Captain Mike
  • CoNative1986
  • daj2783
  • dasflikken
  • edroo
  • eholm
  • Fatboy2003
  • Fish Crazy
  • FisherMatt
  • FishGrand
  • fishingmanlee
  • FloatTubeGuy
  • flytie
  • GoNe_FiShIn_11
  • Gunnar
  • heliboy
  • heryantoch
  • Hille733
  • HKL
  • IceAngler86
  • jake3008
  • jakobi
  • Jamesbo
  • jibber
  • johnski
  • k_hine
  • KAK
  • Kenny Rukspin
  • kentuckyboyincolorado
  • kingluckyfisher
  • Kithme
  • Kruebbe
  • luckhappens
  • mrpike17
  • mswomyn
  • On A Fly
  • panfishin
  • PerchJerker
  • phidoux
  • pmaestas
  • rainbow11
  • rgwaldron
  • rljb1
  • rmontgomery84
  • RockyMountainFlyGuy
  • ronco
  • Ryanrox
  • Sheaffer
  • standardjolson
  • Steve75
  • Tbubb
  • tfotrout
  • The Cat001
  • Troutman50
  • Wounded Woodpecker
  • xavierk31

And a BIG thank you again to our 2023 FishExplorer Winter Giveaway Partners:
Blog content © Matt Snider
Blog Comments
anglerwannabe, 1/5/2024 10:19:23 AM
Congratulations to all the winners. Good job as always Matt
k_hine, 1/5/2024 10:26:51 AM
Awesome stuff here. Big thanks to everyone who makes this possible!
Captain Mike, 1/5/2024 11:37:57 AM
Awesome! My girlfriend will be thrilled with the prize. Congrats to all the winners and thank you to all the companies that participated.
mswomyn, 1/5/2024 11:57:06 AM
Thank you Matt and sponsors!
SGM, 1/5/2024 12:29:40 PM
Congratulations to the winners. Drop a note about what you won and about any trips you won.
Kenny Rukspin, 1/5/2024 1:25:11 PM
Quite exciting! I won the Nighttime Walleye Trip with Neyet Stalker, along with a 90-piece walleye lure package. This should be very educational and fun! Thank you to everyone who provided prizes and those who make this possible.
eholm, 1/5/2024 1:35:33 PM
Thanks Matt! Super stoked, and I will not mention my prize yet but it will show up in future photos :-)
Kithme, 1/5/2024 3:21:08 PM
Thanks FishExplorer
10klakes, 1/5/2024 4:16:04 PM
Thanks FishExplorer and Sponsors! Tight lines in 2024!
Banzai Jimmy, 1/5/2024 6:52:10 PM
I enjoy this each year. I haven't won each time, so if you didn't win this time, keep building those points and try again next year. Thank you for doing this each year. No doubt there's a bunch of effort that goes into pulling this together. Please know it's appreciated.
KAK, 1/5/2024 7:50:28 PM
Thank you Matt and all the sponsors. You make all of us fisher people feel special with your giving. It is nice to know there are still some old fashioned values today in our crazy world.
FisherMatt, 1/5/2024 10:40:12 PM
Thanks Matt for all the hard work that goes into this type of event! You and your team rock! Thanks to the sponsors too!
That1guy, fishing, 1/6/2024 7:08:04 AM
Congratulations guys/girls... I never win on the give away. Hope my luck changes next time... Their was nice prizes
FloatTubeGuy, 1/6/2024 9:29:40 AM
Thanks FishExplorer, Matt and all our sponsors. I won one of the KastKing gift card prizes. I appreciate the opportunity.
pmaestas, 1/6/2024 11:10:50 AM
Thank you Matt and sponsors - Scheels gift card winner - a great way to start the new year!
jake3008, 1/9/2024 8:58:04 AM
Thank you sponsors and the FishExplorer team!
rmontgomery84, 1/9/2024 4:37:47 PM
Really really guys thank you for putting this on every year. Happy new year everyone and tight lines!
rgwaldron, 1/18/2024 9:03:09 AM
Thank you FishExplorer and Orca Coolers!!! I got my cooler yesterday it it's awesome. Can't wait to fill it up!!

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