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Fishing for Mental Health

Blog by: Lloyd Tackitt 5/14/2019
As I have grown older I've learned that I need to take care of myself.  This means a lot of things.  Brushing my teeth, taking vitamins and supplements, being very picky about what I eat, exercising, getting a good night's sleep, drinking black coffee in the morning, having a peaceful mind.  Lots of things.  

Among those many things is a very important one, taking care of my mental health. This has taken me a long time to learn.  I learned the value of exercise when I was a youngster, how exercise keeps the body healthy.  What I didn't learn until much later was that taking care of my own mental health is probably even more important than taking care of my physical body.

Maybe mental health wasn't as hard to take care of back then, we got 30 minutes of news each evening and that was it.  Maybe the world is much more dangerous to one's mental health than it used to be.  Maybe not, hard to say.  But the fact is that it is important now.  So, how do I take care of my mental health? 

Practice regular prayer or meditation.  

Living in the present moment.

I have Learned to separate what I can control from what I can not control and to basically ignore what I can not control.  For instance, the news.  We are bombarded with bad news, stress inducing news, constantly.  And yet there is not one single thing I can do about floods or hurricanes or fires or murders or kidnappings.  Political news is not worth paying attention to until one month before elections, then I vote.  One month of paying attention tells me everything I need to know for voting, and a lot I don't.

Get a good nights sleep.

Use relaxation techniques.

Go fishing.  

Fishing is actually the number one thing we can do for our mental health.  It combines all of the things I listed above it.  When we go fishing we forget about the world's incessant problems that we can't do anything about anyway, there is no better way I know of to be in the present moment, we achieve a state of mind that is right there with prayer or meditation, we relax, and I don't know about you but I always sleep better after a day of fishing.

Fishing creates peace of mind in a way no other activity that I know of can.  Improve your mental health, go fishing.
Blog content © Lloyd Tackitt
Blog Comments
Chdama, CO   5/17/2019 7:12:40 PM
Well spoken, seek within yourself
rkhancock, CO   5/20/2019 6:45:37 PM
I agree with this 100%. Taking care of your mental health is the most important thing you can do for your health. For me, doing the things right like eating and excercise, and of course Fishing, can help with the mental health.