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Seasonal Change

Blog by: Lloyd Tackitt 2/26/2019
At age 65 I have been fishing for the better part of 60 years, around 63 of them in fact.  I don't know how many fishing trips I have been on, or how many fish I have caught, or how many people I have fished with.  But it has been a lot.

When I was younger I fished in every season and every kind of water and in every kind of weather you can imagine.  I love to fish, always have.  Any kind of fishing, any where.  Used to be I'd fish 365 days of the year if I could.  Up until about 2 years ago I'd say, then I kind of mellowed out.

I've caught my trophy fish, and I've certainly caught a life time's worth of non-trophy fish.  I've caught all kinds of fish on all kinds of tackle.  Well not literally "all" kinds... but a lot.  If I can exceed my personal best fish these days I think of it as a bonus, but I'm no longer driven to do it.  Not like I was.

This winter I have largely hibernated.  Where I fish, if the water is too cold to comfortably wade in shorts, then the fish don't do much biting.  This time of year getting skunked is a 75% chance.  I went fishing this past weekend and caught one fish, a bass about two inches long.  So I wasn't skunked, not technically at least, but it was typical for this time of year.

Hibernating through the winter instead of out there wading in cold water, that's fairly new to me.  I'm dreaming of spring and warmer water and fish biting, and for now a trip, or two per month out into the river just to get out and about is fine with me.  

But I gotta tell you, if I lived near cold water fishing, I'd be out there every chance I had.  
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