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New Episode: CarpQuest S6E4 - BIG common carp at Chatfield Resevoir

by: JOHN FINNEY , Colorado 7/30/2018
A whole pot of victory coffee is not enough for our latest episode of CarpQuest.

In our latest Episode of CarpQuest, crazy hot weather and carp fishing action on Memorial Day weekend at Chatfield Reservoir. I pushed the scales close to 30 lb's a couple of times with some mighty Colorado common carp. James and Bob also got in on the action with some great fish, Bob even landing his new PB mirror.

We hope you enjoy!

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Member comments
bron, CO   7/30/2018 7:49:09 PM
What an epic day for you guys! Well done, great video, and those were some amazing mirrors!
skiman, CO   7/30/2018 7:59:02 PM
Nice fish, and super video...good job!
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