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Where Are They?

Blog by: Lloyd Tackitt 7/5/2018

We have a solid four months of hot coming at us.  And the fish are affected.  They become more nocturnal, foraging for food more at night than in the day.  During the day they seek resting places that provide the best temperature, oxygen, and PH range.  Places that also provide easy access to their night time hunting range, and provide cover from predators. 

As always, finding fish must be accomplished before catching fish can occur.  A fisherman can fish randomly and will occasionally catch a fish - or the fisherman can locate fish and catch more of them.  Where to look for fish this time of year? 

There are key factors to consider.  Time of day is significant.  Early in the morning, right about sunrise, the fish will be transitioning from their hunting grounds to their resting spots.  They will be funneling from a broad area to a specific spot.  So from before sunrise to shortly after sunrise look for them where they forage.  That location is different in lakes, rivers, and ponds of course so learn your water. 

When they reach those resting areas the fisherman has to become location specific.  As in fishing an area the size of a swimming pool.  Read the terrain and follow it, use the fish locator when you get to areas that may hold fish, then jig down to them if they are deep, use deep running lures that will reach their depth, they aren't likely to come up to your lure. 

As the sun begins setting the fish begin moving back to their hunting grounds.  Move back to those areas late in the evening.  Be on the water well before daylight and go to shallow water, then move deeper as the morning progresses, stay deep during the day, and move shallow again as the sun nears the western horizon.  Long shadows means shallow water and short shadows mean deep water. 

Drinking enough water is crucial this time of year.  I love an ice cold beer as much as anyone, and enjoy a couple or three during the hot part of the day, spread out a good bit.  But beer will hurt you in the summer if you drink too much of it too close together.  I say this from hard won experience, as in I know it to be a solid fact.  Consider a beer now and then as a treat during the day, but not as a means of staying hydrated.  Okay, enough preaching... 

Have a blast, stay safe, catch a lot of fish and please let us all know how your fishing day went.  We all revel in other fishermen's successful days and learn from each other's off days.


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