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My Main Fishing Companion - Boo

Blog by: Lloyd Tackitt 6/27/2018

Boo loves people, especially kids. There is a campground across the river and on weekends there are often kids playing in the river. Boo will run to them his tail wagging ninety to nothing.

He teaches them to throw rocks for him to fetch. He does that by picking up a rock and dropping it at their feet over and over until they get the idea. I've seen him do it a hundred times now. He is a great teacher.

We've had kids from the campgrounds come to the house and ask if Boo can come out and play (his name is on his collar).

When he was a little pup he looked like Boo-Boo from the Yogi Bear cartoons, hence the name, which has since been shortened.

I'd guess he weighs about 80 pounds of solid muscle. He is mostly Black Lab but there is some other mix in there too. The white splotches and the shape of his head suggest maybe Boxer but there's no real telling.

Boo knows everyone that lives up and down the river, and is friends with all of them. He knows the fishermen that roam this stretch of water quite well also.  It is a rare day when I go fishing that he isn't with me.  

The DNA for retrieving is strong, very strong, in this dog.  He tries to retrieve fish that I release.  He doesn't attempt to touch them when I am catching or handling them, only after they are back in the water.  

So far the fish have been safe.

Boo looking for a fish I just released.
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Blog Comments
Coyute, CO   6/27/2018 10:42:18 AM
Good dog!
scottyp, CO   6/29/2018 6:03:03 PM
Love it! I know your a great human because of your value for your lab Boo. May you have many wonderful trips and experiences together! Thanks for the article.