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Brazos Slam?

Blog by: Lloyd Tackitt 6/24/2018
In my part of the river a Slam is a Bass, a Bluegill, a Channel Cat, and a Drum.  Or so I consider it to be - given the species that are predominant in this stretch.

I enjoy a day that I catch all four - today was one of those.  To make it even more better were my two fishing companions - my Son Josh and his (our) dog Boo.

I've written about Boo before, here is a photo of him, he's a beautiful beast.  My Son doesn't get out of the big city much anymore so when he calls up and says "Let's Go Fishing Tomorrow"  well...sweeter words are hard to imagine.  So today was the tomorrow, and we went fishing.

We caught all four species.  Two bass, the largest being about 16", six drum that would average about 4 pounds, one channel cat that was about 16" also, and several long ear sunfish with the biggest being in the 10" range.  

The water was really warm, even hot in some places, and clear - except wherever Boo was - he stirred up the silt.  Boo did his usual fish retrieving attempts, with the usual results.  We would throw a fish back and he would pounce on that spot looking for whatever it was we threw, and keep looking in that same area until we threw another one.  I learned to throw the fist off at a distance to keep him from being right on my feet.  

The current was slow, moss is growing like crazy now, so it is a matter of trying to fish in the clear areas between moss banks.  Those clear are shrinking weekly though.  This is shaping up to be a drought summer and that means the river will get moss choked.  That changes the fishing, but it will still be good fishing.  Just have to change tactics is all.

It was, in all respects, a really truly very excellent day.  One I will cherish.
Josh and Boo
Boo still looking for the channel cat I threw back in.
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Blog Comments
Coyute, CO   6/26/2018 11:39:14 AM
Good dog.
bron, CO   6/27/2018 7:12:31 AM
Any day on the water with your son and your best friend is a good day.