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Blog by: Lloyd Tackitt 3/13/2018
Fish continue to teach me humility.

When I start thinking I know when and how to catch fish, they laugh.

Spring is coming on fast.  The river has been low again.  The water temperature is 68 degrees.  The wind was out of the south and the air temp was 80.  This was last Saturday.

I waded out and commenced to fishing, enjoying the bright sunny and warm day and the relatively warm water.  I just knew the fish would be attacking my hook.

I fished four hours.  Not. One. Bite.

I fished again Sunday evening, although the wind was out of the north and the air temp was maybe 60 the water was still 68.  It was a clear sky.  I fished for two hours.  Not. One. Bite.

Truth is if I caught a ton of fish every time I went I'd probably lose interest.

Friend of mine fished the Bosque River about 4 miles north of lake Waco, he and his partner caught over 300 Sand Bass in 4 hours.  This was on Friday of last week.  

The Sand Bass are running!

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Blog Comments
Dave Mauldin, TX   3/17/2018 2:37:36 PM
an old-timer told me one time "Fishing is like welding. About the time you learn how you go blind"
Lloyd Tackitt (Lloyd Tackitt), TX   3/17/2018 7:23:32 PM
Too true! My grandmother, the best fisherman that ever lived, went blind from glaucoma - but she still went fishing with friends every chance she got.
seang, TX   3/21/2018 7:49:13 AM
i was out on the Brazos river that same weekend. fishing was tough.