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Your Favorite Blog Subject?

Blog by: Lloyd Tackitt 1/13/2018
What are your favorite blog subjects?  What do you find of most interest?  What do you want to see more of?

I thought about making a list but then I don't want to ask leading questions.  I want to know what you like.

Appreciate your thoughts....


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Blog Comments
Smelly, CO   1/14/2018 3:09:23 PM
Don't have a favorite. Kinda like varied topics. But one Pattern if you will is anything that makes me have to contimplate about my answer. If you get people to stop and think about things it's good. You do well at that.
skiman, CO   1/14/2018 8:47:37 PM
I agree with Smelly on topics that make you stop and think. I also appreciate you references to simpler times of the past. Thank you Mr. T
mckinzie, CO   1/15/2018 1:08:21 PM
Lloyd, I do like your blogs. My favorite subject is big fish or where/when your biggest fish has been landed. I chase mostly trout and am to the point where I give up numbers for a chance at a trophy trout. One of my favorite memories as a kid was going to the local bait shop and seeing the pictures of the biggest fish from that body of water. Still grabs my attention today. Mike
Coyute, CO   1/16/2018 9:17:03 AM
I like stories, lessons and observations. If'n it's trying to pimp a product, I don't waste my time. 'Me, me, me' blogs are also a waste of my time. When it comes to a good story, you are the best FXR has. FxR used to have some really good storytellers but they either no longer write or they have devolved into tackle pimps and social justice warriors. :)