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Dave Mauldin
"Dave Mauldin" - Guest Blogger

Central Texas Lakes report

Guest Blog by: Dave Mauldin 12/22/2017
We went to Lake Travis for a nice warm day of fishing yesterday. Water temps are 64 degrees mid lake. The fish must be confused and think it might be time to spawn. Cold fronts have been few and mild, and this has been  the best fall I can ever remember. We probably will not see 60 degree water again until March...
Right now, if you are fishing lakes in Texas, the fish are still active....feeding up for the winter (if we ever have one) They have actually started forming eggs....but Mother Nature will tell them when to spawn - i.e starting in early March
So, for the next few months, it's the best time to catch a really large one. Yesterday, we caught them
in 18-22' on shakey heads and texas rigged soft plastics. On lakes that don't have a large number of giant fish, we tend to catch more bass on 5" and 6" plastics. On lakes with lots of big fish, I like to fish a larger bait, to catch the larger fish. Look for fish to edge deeper as waters cool.....then move shallower as waters warm in Feb-March-April.
Let's hear what is happening on your body of water!

Dave is a professional angler, serious conservationist, and dedicated to the sport of bass fishing. Dave has been competing and representing his sponsors professionally for the past 20+ years. Both Dave and his associate companies are very proud to be working together. He was the first FLW pro to break the 100# mark, and held the FLW record during 2006/2007: 105 lbs 8oz at Amistad during his first visit there. Associates: Bass Cat Boats, Royal Purple Lubricants, American Rodsmiths, House Medic, Stanley Jigs, SolarBat Sunglasses, Seaguar, TTI Blakemore, Cool Foot, Mend-It
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Blog Comments
Lloyd Tackitt, TX   12/22/2017 7:56:30 PM
Yesterday was gorgeous, glad you got out and fished! That's some pretty warm water too. Hope you caught some big ones!
Dave Mauldin (Dave Mauldin), TX   12/22/2017 9:04:38 PM
Did not catch any big ones...caught numbers of nice size keepers. It seems on this lake the same size fish either catch a lot of small ones, a good number of keepers, or sometimes the big ones bite. Have not figured out why?