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Blog by: Lloyd Tackitt 12/6/2017
I chartered a boat for 6 hours for my wife and I. She doesn't fish much and gets sea sick so she sat with the captains dog and slept most of the time. Anyhow we kept seeing a 4 ft barracuda swimming around picking off the fish we were after. I asked the guide if we could catch it instead of moving. He set me up a rig that we could catch it on using one of the live fish we had just caught. It all worked out and about 20 minutes later I was fighting in this barracuda. We were moving around the boat from side to side to keep the fish out of the motor. Throughout all of the commotion the dog got excited and started nipping me in the ankles every time I tried to move. He got me about a half dozen times before the captain had to get ahold of him to stop. Nevertheless I landed the fish and also laughter about the dog. Once the fish was on the boat the dog went back to sleeping. The captain said the dog usually sleeps all day and had never got involved with the catch!


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Lloyd Tackitt (Lloyd Tackitt), TX   12/11/2017 12:35:46 PM
I think it is hilarious. Goosehunter is chasing the fish around the boat, the dog is chasing him, and the captain is chasing the dog, while the wife looks on and no doubt laughs to beat the band even though she is sea sick.